tiddies sandals

Buy Your Own Vintage Foam Tiddies Sandals Today!

Sandals are growing in popularity for people of all ages. Some sandals, however, go for style over comfort. For a sandal both stylish and comfortable, take a blast to the past for a shoe that originated in the 70s and was all the rage in the 80s - vintage Tiddies sandals.  

Tiddies® For Everyone

Our vintage foam Tiddies sandals are made from our super-soft rubber. Our quality foam is the source of our legendary softness, which in turn creates an extremely comfortable fit that's perfect for your feet. Tiddies® also come with adjustable latex surgical tubing straps, designed for maximum comfort. Each component of our sandals is made in the USA as well.

Tiddies® come in patterns as original and as bold as you are. Laidback and fun, our sandals are perfect for the beach, outdoor adventures, or everyday wear.

We offer multiple sizes and designs that are guaranteed to match what you are looking for. Get started with our most comfy Big Knocker sandals or our thinner Ta Ta Tiddies flip-flops.

Original Tiddies® Design

Other sandal brands may come and go, but Tiddies® has been around for decades. Our innovative sandal design has been imitated by competitors, but no one does comfort and style like our vintage Tiddie sandals. We accept no falsies - and we think you will agree with us!

Try out a pair today and find out for yourself why the original Tiddies® have stood the test of time!

Peace, Love, and Tiddies®

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