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How do you ship orders?

How long does it take to get my order?

Can I exchange my shoes?

Are your sizes for men or women?

Is this the Original Tiddies Sandals Factory from Pasadena, Texas?

I’m having trouble adjusting my straps.ext-decoration: none">How do I use my discount code?

How do I know if my straps are adjusted correctly?

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

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How do you ship orders?We are currently shipping most of our orders by US Priority Mail.  We ship to Post Office boxes, rural addresses,APO, FPO and international addresses. You should receive an email from the US Postal Service with your tracking number.  Delivery is 2-3 days from the time we ship.

How long does it take to get my order?We ship daily Monday through Friday, normally the day after you place your order.  Usually you will receive your order in about a week.  If we are out of stock on an item for more than a few days we will call or email you to let you know when to expect your order.

Can I exchange my shoes?Yes, we will be happy to exchange your un-worn shoes for another size or color.  Just ship them back to us and include your name and address along with your request and we will exchange them at no charge!Shoes that show wear are subject to re-furbish charges to clean or replace the straps.

Are your sizes for men or women?Sizing is the toughest thing we do!  See oursize chartto determine which size Tiddies to order for your size.  Tiddies should fit big.  Your foot will make an impression in the soft foam sandal so you don’t want your feet hanging off the shoe.  Check out oursize chart

Is this the Original Tiddies Sandals Factory from Pasadena, Texas?Yes! Tiddies originally started in 1973 in Pasadena, Texas.  While we are no longer located in Pasadena, you can still stop by the factory store located at 927 Crosstimbers St. in Houston, Texas. You can find a map in the help section of our web site.

I’m having trouble adjusting my straps  Tiddies have adjustable straps for a comfortable fit for all foot sizes. There are three adjustment bands on each strap set of your Tiddies Sandals. We use alcohol and hemostats to quickly adjust straps at the factory.  In a pinch we have used everything from chopsticks to keys to help quickly move the strap adjusters! If you don’t have any rubbing alcohol… try a little water to lubricate the adjustment bands so they can slide easier.  Adjust your toe piece first. The longer it is the less "flip-flop" your shoes will have.

Second check the adjust band on the back strap. Straps should be firm but not tight.  Moving the band out from the toe strap a little will help you to adjust the back strap. After finding your perfect fit move the adjustment band back against the toe strap.  This will prevent the back strap from moving up and down the toe strap.

How do I know if my straps are adjusted correctly?If your Tiddies feel light and comfortable on your feet you are ready to go!  Tiddies straps should be lightly snug, but not tight. You might want your straps a little tighter when you first start wearing your Tiddies.   After you wear them a little and get the impression of your foot in the soft foam you might want to loosen the straps a little. We like to wear ours very loose, but we are experienced Tiddies wearers!

I have a discount code, how do I use it?Currently we are not issuing discount codes. The price of rubber has risen so much we decided to hold the price down as much as possible for everyone instead of offering promo codes. Buy 75.00 in products and get free shipping automatically, no code needed!

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?Yes we do! We love our troops and want them to have their Tiddies when it's time to take off those boots!  Please tell us in the "Customer Notes" section of your order what country you are in.  That way we can be sure to complete any Custom Forms the US Mail requires for easy delivery.

Other questions.>email us atinfo@tiddiesinc.comus anytime. We love to hear from our customers!

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