Tiddies Sandals

Tiddies’® puns are almost too easy. You could say it’s low-hanging fruit, but that would be a pun too.  We’ll attempt to make it the rest of the way without another one...or two. Born from the 1970’s surfer revival wave, Tiddies® stand for comfort above all, and with a style that is as unique as the free spirits who sport them. Our foam-footed sandals are worn by all ages and attitudes: from the Deadhead-dad to the beachbum babe and the horchata-sippin’ hipster. So, if you walk to the beat of a different drummer, you should probably be walking in a pair of tiddies. Grab a pair here.


When you’re a true original you’re used to folks following your lead. It’s hard to blame them, but it’s worth pointing out that Tiddies® have been oft-imitated by lesser sandal companies. But, none have stood the test of time or held up as well as the original Tiddies®.