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Call them what you will, but we know what you mean. You're looking for a great pair of beach sandals and we have just what you want. Tiddies Sandals are the perfect summer shoes that you have been looking for.

Tiddies Sandals have been called Titties Sandals or Titties Flip Flops

It's because of our popular Boobs Logo!















927 Crosstimbers Street
Houston, TX 77022











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Our soft foam sandals are perfect for your summer destinations! Going to a resort, beach, spa, or cruise? We have the most comfortable sandals for men, women, and children. Our retro style and hot new designs are perfect for anyone - from 70's and 80's fashion lovers to parrot heads, beach bums, and surfers.

Tiddies Sandals were born in Pasadena, Texas in 1973 and have stood for quality, sturdy comfort and pride for 40 years. Today they are still handmade in Houston, Texas by local artists. Sandals come in traditional three-layer, Big Knockers, fancy ChiChi's and our newest flip flop style. Our choice of materials makes them lightweight, waterproof, and floatable as well as soft and comfortable. Over time, you will make an impression in the soft foam sandals that provides an exact fit to your feet. The latex surgical tubing straps are adjustable to create a unique fit for each individual. We are able to provide each person with comfortable, custom fit sandal. Our non-skid bottom, and back strap make them unique in comparison to other flip-flops and ideal for summer camps and school wear.

 We are the only makers of Tiddies Sandals, so accept no falsies!